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If you live with high anxiety, struggle to attend school and have a passion for all things digital technology - gaming, digital art, coding, etc - check out our programs.


Weekly 2 hour live sessions with your own mentor, working on your own projects.


Attend sessions in the comfort of your own home in your own work space.


Build your capacity for life, work and community while following your passion.


We would like to introduce you to Au To Know Mentoring (‘ought to know’), an online technology mentoring service for those who find accessing mainstream services challenging due to autism, social anxiety and a wide range of other access challenges.  Au To Know provides technical instruction and skill building in areas relating to a wide range of digital technologies. We capitalise on our clients’ areas of interest to enhance motivation and commitment while building transferable and employable skills addressing their NDIS goals. Common topics include game development, web development, digital art and music, animation and programming. Our team of enthusiastic and passionate mentors is ready to offer this unique service.

Outcomes we deliver include capacity building in various technology fields with a focus on developing a credible online portfolio of projects that demonstrate skill levels, and expose the learning progression, adding real value to the client’s resume and improving future employment opportunities. We also focus on a delivery philosophy that aims at lowering our client’s anxiety levels as this is when they will do their best work. We provide ongoing support to our mentors, participants and caregivers and submit detailed reports documenting progress towards identified NDIS goals.

Our service is welcomed by people and families struggling with access especially around social anxiety. These factors often lead to disconnection from peers and society in general. For young people, school attendance is often challenging and can exacerbate anxiety. Our mentoring service aims to provide opportunities to relieve these pressures which not only benefits the participant but usually delivers positive outcomes to the whole family.

Lacking focus! Not when you are doing something you love! Or talking to someone who has a passion for the same thing!

You can sign up for our program anywhere in Australia as long as you have internet and a computer!


Free Online Information Sessions

Delivered via Zoom – across Australia!

Information sessions about our online service for people living with social anxiety or accessibility challenges who have a passion for technology – no age or ability limits! Homeschoolers welcome!

AU TO KNOW MENTORING offers personalised self-paced learning with a process focused approach that delivers real outcomes. Our platform for delivery is online so we can reach across Australia.

This is a unique service and we believe we have the formula to make a lasting impression on our clients building their social skills, resilience and confidence while setting themselves up for future employment in digital technology. Our program assists participants work towards achieving their NDIS goals. 

PRIVATE SESSIONS available – contact us to book a no obligation free private session.

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  • Would you like your own mentor to work with you on your own ideas and help you work towards some of your dreams in the digital world?
  • This can happen in regular weekly 2 hour Zoom sessions working collaboratively with a carefully selected mentor.
  • All ages and abilities! At your pace in a low stress environment!
See if any of our programs capture your attention! We offer much more and we don’t lock you into a specific course!


Digital portfolios will provide concrete data for thorough NDIS reporting as well as addressing more general employable skills such as critical thinking, collaboration and communication. We will report on the challenges that have been overcome, milestones that have been reached and project goals achieved that match your NDIS goals.


Parents, carers and participants who have engaged in our service have reported a range of improvements including general attitude, engagement, confidence, resilience and self-esteem. These don’t always happen quickly, but our aim is to provide a safe and stimulating environment for these changes to develop.


We now offer our unique tech relevant SLES program which is delivered online providing an opportunity to build employment skills in a start up business specifically geared towards the tech skills and interests of our client.

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Just like our SLES program we focus on tech areas. If you need support to get your microenterprise idea off the ground we can deliver. We have a range of specialist mentors that can assist. Contact us for a free initial consultation to see if we are a good match for your business venture.

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Our Team

We have a team of mentors who have first hand experience in the world of digital technology. We carefully match our mentors with our clients and then allow them to collaborate together to build and develop projects that prepare our clients for work in their chosen area. Our mentors are passionate about technology and work with compassion and empathy with people with high social anxiety. Our team are trained and supported to provide a service that allows them to connect with the client and draw out the potential many of these young people possess.



Isaac loves all things technology and has worked in the field for many years. He is mainly self taught and mentors with passion and enthusiasm.



Organiser and administrator combined with a passion for educational access for all and an empathetic approach to others. Often your first contact!

Can't see a suitable mentor

tell us your tech interest

If we don't have a mentor with the skills in your area we will recruit and train a new mentor. Just contact us and tell us what you are interested in and let's go from there.




Experienced in audio and video production and editing.



Experienced in making 2d/3d games. Enjoys breaking down game design and loves learning about technology.




Queer artist, Indie developer, writer, and amateur musician. Currently undergoing a Masters in Animation Games and Interactivity.

Matt R


Experienced in web development for static and dynamic webpages using PHP and content management systems such as WordPress and Woocommerce.



Keen 3D animator and experienced in a wide range of multimedia technologies. My passion is for making short animated films but delve into many other creative digital projects.



Game developer and general computer lover who is passionate about providing enjoyable experiences for others through my projects.



Animator and illustrator with a love for storytelling through the creative arts. I specialise in illustrating characters and worlds, writing their stories, and breathing life into them through the magic of 2D animation.



A passionate artist in a range of creative fields including 3D asset creation, graphic design, animation and music.



Graphic Designer with a passion for creating unique designs for print and digital media. Enjoys making logos, video production for social media, digital illustration and more. Loves games and animals!



An experienced artist breaking into the Australian Hip Hop scene and happy to share knowledge to the world.



Significant Digital Marketing Nerd, experienced in small/micro business start up's, content creation, loves all things sustainable. Passionate about facilitating opportunities for people to learn, thrive and succeed.



Experienced 2D animator with a passion for teaching and sharing his skills together with possessing a great sense of humour and a positive outlook on life.



Technology All-Rounder with experience in CySec, Programming, Game Dev, Digital Art, and Streaming. Proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community




Extensive experience in designing and implementing engaging gameplay mechanics using my knowledge of programming, Unity engine development, 3D modeling and animation, video editing, and 2D sprite creation.



Passionate game developer keen to support others to build their skills in media development. Including games programming and design in Unity and Blender. Experienced in video production and editing and a dog lover.

Digital Musician


Specialist Programmer


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What people say about our service

Parent of a younger client

I am delighted to write this testimonial for Lincoln, who has been mentoring my son for some time now. He has been an incredible mentor for my son, and I have seen a tremendous improvement in his overall growth and development since he began working with Lincoln.
Lincoln is an exceptional mentor who is patient, understanding, and empathetic. He takes the time to listen to my son and provides thoughtful guidance and support to help him overcome any challenges he may be facing. He knows how to motivate my son and inspire him to strive for excellence in everything he does.
I have no doubt that Lincoln's mentoring has been a tremendous asset to my son, and I would highly recommend Au To Know to anyone looking for a mentor for their child or themselves. Lincoln is a true professional who goes above and beyond to help his mentees succeed. Thank you, Lincoln, for all that you do!

Parent of young teenager

Au To Know Mentoring is one of the most incredible NDIS providers my son has connected with. In the 3 years his had only 2 mentors and both of the mentors have been amazing. He hasn’t had this kind of consistency and stability with any other provider. My teen who has tried different sports/activities over the years and his never enjoyed them because his interested in things like tech (programming, game development, building computers etc) This is perfect for anyone who wants to create and learn things. K has been working on programming and creating games, his mentor is always happy to talk computers and hear K's extensive knowledge about the tech world. Ben boosts K up and treats him as an equal, while sharing his own wisdom, knowledge, and experience about tech. Honestly all I have to say is great things about Au To Know and so does my son. He has found connection over something he loves doing with great people. Thank you, Isaac, Chris, Ben and the team for providing such incredible support.

Parent of a teenage participant

I tell everyone about this amazing service. Out of all the NDIS supports my son receives, this is the one where I have seen wonderful little achievements. Firstly, in his digital art where Isaac and Lysander have inspired him to take on new challenges and accept their advice. Secondly, the amazing benefits of social interactions has been wonderful for someone who has been so isolated due to their disabilities. I hear him chatting away in his sessions and it makes me so happy. Lysander and Isaac have built a great relationship with my son and he now respect’s their knowledge which is huge for him.

Parent of teenager

I've never seen my teenager so dedicated to showing up for their regular mentoring session. They love it even though they find game development hard. It is so good hearing them talking about their mentor and what they are working on together. This is proving to be a very positive experience for them just learning to meet and chat with new people. For someone who usually never talks about much they are now talking a lot about their project. Their mentor has made a very positive impression. One of the best services from our NDIS funding ever!

Parent of young client

I would highly recommend this service to anyone. My son has been with Au To Know for over 12 months and each week he is still engaged, excited and progressing at his own pace. His mentor is a positive and encouraging person with a wealth of knowledge, patience and understanding. We look forward to another 12 months with Au To Know and everything it has to offer!

Parent of adult client

I had no idea what to expect when we joined Au To Know Mentoring twelve weeks ago, we were about to embark on a digital learning adventure. My son and his mentor get on well and they share similar interests. It's great to see my son enjoying practising his new skill of digital drawing while chatting about the interests they share. I am so excited that something else special has been added to his life!

Parent of High School student

I cannot recommend Au To Know enough. My son is part of this program and it's amazing. His confidence has grown and his mentor has become an important part of my son's week.

Mother of autistic teens

Isaac has been mentoring my now 17 and 19 year old kids for over six years. His organic 'no pressure collaborative approach' has helped them relax, engage in their areas of interest and learn new skills. It is my understanding that Isaac's primary focus is on his mentee's emotional wellbeing and enjoyment rather than rushing to finish a project. Anxiety plays a major role in my kid's lives, but with Isaac's mentoring style they are much more likely to enjoy the creative learning process.


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